Asset protection services

Surmount Investigations offers a discreet, highly secure, extremely professional service that will ensure any precious or valuable item is delivered anywhere in the UK by one of our Protected Asset Delivery operatives.

We will work with you confidentially to plan successful delivery operations, factoring in all risks and designing contingencies. We have, in the past, seen this service used for a £155,000 piece of jewellery being delivered from a footballer’s home in Newcastle to his girlfriend’s address in Essex through to escorting a witness to court as an extra layer of security for their peace of mind.

Whether it be jewellery, heirlooms, paperwork or even a human being - if you need to get them from one point in the UK to another and worry as to the level of risk they could be exposed to, we can work with you to put together a protected delivery operation.

Call us now on 0191 4066126 or email and speak to a specialist.

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