Cheating Partner Investigations

Private Investigator providing Infidelity Intelligence-Gathering

Whether it be through texts or emails you’ve seen that raise a red flag, being told so by someone you trust or experiencing a change in their behaviour that doesn’t quite make sense, believing a partner to be cheating on you can be incredibly upsetting and getting proof is often not easy.

Through our Infidelity Intelligence-Gathering service, we offer extremely discreet support service that provide you with a full, evidential portfolio of your partner’s actions by means of tracking, surveillance and undercover work where necessary.

Surmount Investigations are sensitive to understand evidence of such an upsetting act getting dropped into an email inbox, for example, may make the matter even more troublesome therefore in consultation we will also make sure that it is thoroughly discussed and agreed how you wish to receive any results if your concerns are founded.

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Investigation services designed to expose cheating partners.