Our client in Gateshead came to us at their wits end because of new neighbours next door that were of the “nightmare” variety instantly upon moving in – and only getting worse with each day.

It started with the neighbours allowing their four dogs out each day to urinate and defecate on our client’s property. When they were challenged about it and asked to stop it, the harassment started immediately: Loud music being put on blast when they went out so that our client had to suffer it, rubbish being purposefully thrown over the fence line in the back garden and property damage occurring during the night.

Our client first went to the police who gave the neighbours “guidance” with regards to the music and their pets. But nothing changed. Our client went to the local authority with recordings of the noise pollution and photographs of the damage and the animal waste. Nothing was done. The council said it was “inconclusive that the noise and the waste was coming from that house”. Our client resorted to putting CCTV up at the front and back of their property only to return and find that the cameras had been ‘mysteriously’ smashed with the culprits not caught on the last recorded footage.

Our Harassment Support Services for people around Newcastle, North Tyneside and the whole of the North East don’t just cover those dealing with an aggressive ex-partner or the world of dating-gone-wrong. It is completely bespoke to anyone and everyone who is being distressed by another party in a variety of different circumstances. So after an initial free consultation with our investigators, we agreed to complete a week of covert surveillance on our client’s property and record any anti-social behaviour or criminal damage that occurred.

On our first night we recorded the neighbours going out at eight o’clock at night, leaving music blaring inside. We completed some walk pasts of their property recording the noise coming from it.

By the fourth night we had captured the neighbours emptying ash-trays over their fence onto our client’s property, allowing their dogs to repeatedly foul on our client’s grounds and shout abuse at them as they were exiting their car and going into their house.

We compiled our evidence into a report with supporting photographs and video and submitted it to our client. They in turn took it to the police who eventually arranged to charge the neighbours and a Harassment Order was subsequently and successfully put in place.