Divorce Surveillance – A Case Study.

Our client was a very affluent business owner who lived in Cornwall and had just saw the dissolution of her thirty year marriage to her husband, ‘Peter’.

As part of the finalising of the divorce, our client had a ‘contract’ drawn up with Peter through their respective solicitors in which in order for certain sums of money and assets to be agreed and handed over, Peter had to agree that money would not be used for specific purchases (i.e. buying property) and the assets could not be sold within a certain timeframe.

Peter signed and agreed to these stipulations in order to get quick access to our client’s money, cars, etc.

However, almost immediately Peter disappeared and our client received evidence that contrary to the contract, he was selling off the assets within the restricted timeframe and it was believed initially that he had moved overseas… only for it to turn out that he had moved up to the North East and took on a flat in Longbenton with their daughter’s 21 year old best friend.

Our client hired us to confirm that Peter was up in Longbenton in Newcastle co-habiting with this 21 year old female and that he was responding to enquiries and looking to sell items that he was contractually restricted from selling at that time.

We confirmed Peter’s residency through a short confirmed period of surveillance and localised enquiries with his neighbours. We then took the advert displayed for a vintage sports car that he had in storage and used it to make contact with him and arrange a viewing over in Gateshead. We filmed the interaction on covert cameras and got him explaining that he was looking for a fast and discreet sale of the item and he alluded as to why.

Alongside this, we got land registry information on the current Longbenton flat and confirmed it was owned by Peter – a purchase he could not have made without the nominated money from our client.

Our report was summarily submitted to our client for their consideration and she subsequently took Peter back to court where her future financial obligations and commitments to him were immediately withdrawn and Peter was ordered to return a sum of money illicitly spent.