Employee Concerns

If you are an employer it is imperative that you have trust in your staff not behaving in a way that is adversative to your company’s ethics, its reputation or its profits/security. If you don’t have that trust when it comes to a specific employee then give Surmount Investigations a call.

We specialise, through robust investigation and covert surveillance, in delivering evidence you need relating to:

- Fraudulent sickness / injury

- Corporate / Commercial espionage

- Disciplinary matters

- Professional ethics and integrity

- Adherence to security protocols and data management

We also offer the ability to formally interview individuals and take their statement as a matter of official record in disciplinary matters and incidents pertaining to gross misconduct.

Our skill-set in this area can be adapted to suit your needs, whatever the situation. All our staff are trained and experienced in interviewing to the standards and regulations as laid out in The Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE] (1984).

Call us now on 0191 4066126 or email enquiries@surmount-investigations.com and speak to a specialist.