Harassment & Distress Support

It doesn’t matter whether it’s from an ex-partner who won’t take that it’s over or the so-called affections of someone you are not interested in, unwelcome attention that continues against your repeated requests for it to stop can be incredibly upsetting, draining and anxiety-inducing.

Time and again such matters are reported to the police and victims are told there isn’t enough evidence or there needs to be “more examples” before they can act. With our Harassment & Distress Support service we can help any victim of stalking and harassment acquire important, unarguable evidence that can be used immediately to gain court orders through the police and put rapid restrictions in place to prevent further harassment, alarm or distress.

We can provide visual deterrents outside your home to give you peace of mind, lay covert cameras to catch harassment in the act and even in some cases provide security escorts for you to get to places you need without fear of being confronted or bothered in any way.

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