People Tracing / Missing Person Investigations

Whether it be a loved one you’ve lost touch with or someone needing traced because of debt, inheritance or business obligations, no matter the situation Surmount Investigations can provide an extensive and thorough search and tracking investigation service to fit all budgets.

We offer a wide variety of tracing options from a simple electronic trace to ascertain a person's current location through to agent-led trace and confirm reports. We have become renowned for the double-sourcing of all of our trace intelligence and the highly successful results we return.

Surmount Investigations can also deliver a thorough personal location service in relation to matters involving debt recovering, process serving and other such services. Furthermore, we can work with clients to encompass into our final reports extensive coverage of assets, debts, directorships and the like if required. We also work with employers at any organisation to carry out ‘CV tests’ and extensive background checks on all new or established employees to see if the details provided on application are legitimate.

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