With our second operational year now behind us, we wanted to do as we did in the first year and take a quick look back on what we’ve achieved as private investigators in Newcastle and throughout the whole of the North East.

Whilst working with the specific mandate of changing people’s perceptions of what a private investigator does and only taking on cases that meet our very high ethical standards, we set out the goals in our first year of 1) getting accepted as full/substantive members into a professional regulatory body within our field, 2) getting onto Page 1 of Google without any ‘tricks’ or ‘cheats’, 3) breaking further into the field of insurance fraud work and litigation support and 4) we wanted to survive the year.

We smashed those goals and went into 2018 with a couple more:

  1. To expand the number of solicitors and insurers that we work with around the region and the UK as a whole.
  2. To build the Surmount brand into one where our high ethical standards and professionalism became renound.

And here we are going into 2019 with an even stronger Google ranking, helped greatly by the fantastic reviews and client feedback we’ve received for the services we provide across the region AND with an increased number of solicitors who regard us as their number one source for tracing and litigation support services along with new contracts signed for surveillance work on behalf of leading insurers around the UK.

We’ve listened to the feedback from our clients and we want to take Surmount Investigations in the best possible direction whilst maintaining the small, personal team we have currently. That’s why as 2019 progresses we’re going to decrease our weekly blog to fortnightly and we’ll be slowly shutting down the fair majority of our security consultancy work for organisations around the North East and concentrating solely on the expansionof our investigatory arm so that we can deliver more services to more solicitors, insurers and businesses around Newcastle, Tyne and Wear and the like.

Once again, VERY little of what we’ve achieved over the last two years would have been possible without the support of our clients who not only come back to us repeatedly but who recommend us to others. Nor would it be possible without people sharing our social media posts and promoting us locally to individuals and businesses struggling with a problem and needing professional investigatory support.

We never wanted to just be “PIs”.

We always wanted to be professional problem-solvers for anyone who needed help.

You’ve helped that happen.

So thank you enormously from everyone here at Surmount Investigations.