Pre-Repossession Reports

Pre-repossession reports (also known as ‘pre-eviction reports’ or ‘address intelligence reports [AIRs]’) are an excellent and invaluable means for repossessions and evictions to go as smoothly as possible without any sudden or ‘surprise’ elements of intelligence rearing their heads, resulting in the process being derailed and thus requiring rescheduling.

The reports are designed in the first instance to re-establish any lost contact between the lender and their borrower, to facilitate discussion between the two and to hopefully put forward any suggested settlement plans from the borrower to potentially delay said eviction.

Most importantly of all though, the reports are intended to get the important intelligence back to the lender so that an undisrupted and respectful re-possession can occur. Where possible we aim to have our report back to you, your legal representative or assigned enforcement agency within 48 hours of being engaged for service.

This service really is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to begin repossession and eviction proceedings against a borrower in default.

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