GPS Tracking Services – Do Them Well But Do Them LAWFULLY!

When it comes to GPS tracking of a target on behalf of a client, the first thing that is thought of by said client is normally whether it is legal and what are the general legalities surrounding it.

In all cases where we deploy and utilise information gathered from a GPS tracking device, we are legally compliant at ALL times and work in line with the ABI’s ‘Good Practise Guide & Policy’.

We recently worked with a client in relation to doubts they had as to the whereabouts of one of their delivery drivers during the course of the working day.

The company’s own tracking device that the employee was aware of ‘mysteriously’ kept going “faulty” for large portions of the day… so we deployed a secondary one with us closely following the vehicle physically with the tracking unit as our ‘support’!

Our device sure enough presented information the driver did not want his employer to see – namely two hour long ‘park-ups’ in Scotch Corner when he should have been delivering goods much further down South. We presented our tracking report to the client who, in turn, identified periods within the journey of long down-time that they wanted further investigated. We travelled to these locations, made enquiries and acquired evidence.

As a result we managed to provide the client with CCTV material obtained from service station cameras of that driver on that particular day… selling company stock out the back of his delivery van to someone in a Scotch Corner car park!