Asset Protection: A Case Study

We offer a discreet, highly secure, extremely professional protected asset delivery service to ensure any precious, valuable and/or confidential item is delivered anywhere in the UK. We also, where and when required, work nationally.

We have worked with companies that have requested for highly confidential documents to be hand-delivered to a specific person in a separate part of the UK, record a signature and then have them returned. We have travelled the full length of the country to escort a witness to court at their own request for their own peace of mind. We’ve also been used to hand-deliver a £155,000 piece of jewellery from a footballer’s home in Newcastle to his new girlfriend’s address in Essex.

One of our more off-kilter assignments occurred at the tail end of 2017 when our client got in touch with regards to his ‘missing’ vehicle:

The client owned a fully kitted, outstanding Audi R8 Coupe and had done for a matter of only weeks. Whilst his wife was away, the client had travelled down South in it to meet up with and subsequently have extra marital ‘relations’ with someone he had met through his business. Through a series of what Lemony Snicket would describe as “unfortunate events”, the client ended up having to flee back up to Newcastle and leave his £100,000+ car behind.

Our client came to us and explained that he had the smallest of windows of opportunity to retrieve his vehicle as he had now heard it was in the process of being prepped to be sold on the ‘black market’ but he worried that if he went back down South himself he would be at risk of serious injury. He said he’d been given an opportunity by his lover’s husband and his friends to “buy the vehicle back” but he could not afford what they were blackmailing him with and he was running out of time before his wife stopped buying his excuses as to where the car was.

We encouraged him to go to the police and explain his predicament and ask for their assistance in escorting him to retrieve his vehicle. He was adamant that he could not do that because of the parties involved and that his initial enquiries with the police had not been met with much in the way of interest. He also, more pertinently, thought doing so would bring undue attention to his wife.

The client provided us with extensive proof of ownership of the vehicle, copies of the Facebook messages and texts proving that his car was being held to ransom and asked us to facilitate the return of his vehicle back to his home.

Using the provided key, photographs, pre-stored tracking information and intelligence we were able to travel down to the area where the car was being stored, carry out a covert reconnaissance of the area and once the sun went down we…

… quite simply got in the vehicle and had a very luxurious six hour drive, 317 miles back up North.

The so-called ‘hostage-takers’ were seemingly never heard from again. The client had their £100,000 vehicle safely returned to them and learnt a valuable lesson about being more careful in who he ‘interacted’ with. And his wife? Well… 

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