One Manager’s Grand Adventure – An Employee Concern Case Study.

We offer a variety of different support packages to businesses and organisations around Newcastle and the North East when it comes to concerns they may have around one of their employees and how said employee’s behaviour can impact the company from a reputational or security point of view.

Recently, one of the UK’s most successful organisations with some of its operations based in Newcastle, got in touch with us regarding one of their management team. They had seen a downturn in terms of this person’s professional performance, an increase in their submitted expenses and rumours were starting to circulate that the manager’s working day was being abused with him ‘entertaining’ pretend “clients” at hotels around the city.

The manager had been spoken to and challenged about his spending of the company’s money and the lack of productivity in his work day, along with the rumours about him. He denied all of them even in the face of one staff member sighting him at a hotel in the city at a time he told the company he was at a conference outside of the region.

By the time we met for a consultation with this company, they felt that they’d already accepted the allegations to be true about his conduct and just wanted assistance in gathering definitive proof that he was behaving in an unprofessional manner in company time and using company money and resources to do so.

We got to work:

With a copy of the manager’s “presented” work diary, some of the Surmount team set about going to the location(s) he had listed as attending at specific times on specific days to meet on company related matters and getting proof that he never ventured there.

The other half of the team put a live surveillance operation in place, tagging the manager in our sights from the minute he left the office at any point in the day. We had him followed around the city centre over the course of four days – recording him as he went shopping in Boss during the working day, meeting friends for lunch and paying for the whole meal (which the company later affirmed was put on their credit card) and, on two occasions, going for drinks after work where he would approach, engage and seduce women before taking them back to hotel rooms that our client(s) held on account.

We quickly put our findings report together alongside time/date stamped photographs and presented them back to the company within 48 hours of the operation ending. Within six hours of receiving the report the manager was suspended and later dismissed due to gross misconduct. The company has also filed a complaint with the police.

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