Our Newcastle-based client had been with his partner for over fifteen years but came to us concerned about their behaviour.

She claimed to have received a promotion from work that meant she had to do longer hours now and she only ever seemed to use her work phone of an evening which was ‘fingerprint-locked’ and always vibrating causing her to get up and leave the room when it did. On top of that, their sex life had decreased and she seemed perpetually irritated by him.

He had grown suspicious that there was someone else in her life. He had tried and failed to carry out his own enquiries but each time he said his partner would catch him out, accuse him of being “too possessive” and said his “paranoia was driving [her] away”.

He engaged our services and told us he just ‘had’ to know once and for all if there was anything to his worries. We carried out a free consultation with the client and gathered intelligence about his partner’s movements.

When our client’s partner announced she had to “go away” for four days with work for a conference, we carried out extensive enough enquiries to be able to locate the exact venue she claimed to be attending and a Surmount surveillance team was set down there.

We got down to the hotel hours before she was due to arrive and covertly filmed her actual arrival onto the grounds with a well-groomed older male who was not our client. We also covertly filmed them entering the hotel holding hands. Later that evening, we instigated cause for us to be seated very close to them in the hotel’s restaurant where we gained footage of them enjoying a romantic meal and when it was finished we followed and filmed them walking arm-in-arm back to a room together.

We compiled all of our footage and wrote an accompanying report and met with our client to present it back to him. He was understandably crestfallen but rather admirably he said to us “Thank you. I just had to know. It was making me ill.”