As part of the extensive solicitor/litigation support services Surmount offer, we provide comprehensive criminal defence investigatory support to people through Newcastle, Tyne and Wear and the whole of the North East region who have been accused of a crime they believe themselves to be innocent of and need evidence gathered ahead of an impending court date.

Our investigatory support is completely bespoke to the needs of the client and their legal representative(s) and covers all criminal charges from minor offences through to murder trials.

The services we offer can be as simple as going out and re-photographing a crime scene from an independent perspective or taking statements from witnesses through to completing extensive localised enquiries, tracing people who may have witnessed something of value and sourcing potential evidence such as CCTV.

In a recent case one of our clients was accused of assault and arrested though he maintained that he had a ‘delicate’ alibi – namely that he could not have been in the place he was accused of being, attacking the person he was said to have because he was away in Scotland for a dirty weekend with his ‘mistress’ behind his wife’s back.

The police were thoroughly disinterested in our client’s claims and did not follow up on any of the enquiries our client begged them to complete – so Surmount Investigations stepped in.

We were able, with the utmost discretion, to visit the hotel in Scotland our client claimed to be at and secure CCTV stills of him attending there on the date and at the time he said he was there. We were also able to discreetly visit with his ex-mistress at a completely neutral location and take a signed statement from them.

Our report alongside this evidence was presented to our client’s solicitor who subsequently got all charges dropped against him and the original complainant was later arrested by the police for purposefully making a false allegation.

If you are facing court, no matter the crime, for something you know you didn’t do than give us a call today on 07711 863 944 and book a FREE consultation to discuss how we can help you further.