While the Home Office have not put a license in place as of yet for the field of professional and independent investigation, Surmount Investigations fully supports the licensing of private and professional investigators in this field under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and will endeavour to register as such when it becomes a requirement. Surmount Investigations is based and works primarily out of the North-East and North-West but has good working relationships and affiliations with other investigatory operatives and operations around the UK and does partner with them on national cases as and when required.
As mentioned, every investigatory case, surveillance operation and securities service has so many different factors and variables to take into consideration that it is impossible to provide a ‘set price list’ from the out-set and costings would only be estimated once all the details of your individual requirements have been recorded. The cost of our service to you is dependent on many elements, such as the length of time you require an operation to be ran or the number of personnel you would need to be involved. Surmount Investigations will always endeavour, as part of the consultation process, to be open and transparent about the cost when looking at the budget you have for the investigation you require.
Yes. Surmount Investigations provides a dependable, legally sound and efficient Process Serving package that will involve the delivery of documentation, evidence attained of said delivery and a supporting witness statement of the Process Serving having occurred.
As well as working with solicitors when it comes to Process Serving in a variety of forms as required, our staff are experienced in supporting in Criminal Defence investigations, witness statement taking and witness tracing, acquiring evidential proof from individuals on bail / remand, along with injury and compensation claim investigations.
Surmount Investigations has its own strand of Insurance Agency Support Services. This involves working on a case-by-case basis with a variety of insurance agencies on investigations into insurance fraud, evidence acquiring for insurance claims and professional interviewing of victims, witnesses, etc. to support insurance investigations.
Yes. Believing a partner to be cheating on you can be incredibly upsetting and getting proof is often not easy. Through our Infidelity Intelligence-Gathering service, we offer extremely discreet support service that provides you with a full, evidential portfolio of your partner’s actions by means of tracking, surveillance and undercover work where necessary.
Whether it be a loved one you’ve lost touch with or someone needing traced because of debt, inheritance or business obligations, no matter the situation Surmount Investigations are able to provide an extensive and thorough search and tracking investigation service to fit all budgets.
Using up-to-date technology and GPS tracking equipment, alongside previous military experience in this field, we are able to offer individualised surveillance operations catered specifically to your requirements whether this is in a covert or an overt manner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large organisation or an individual. Once an operational plan is designed in cooperation with you, we are able to carry out both your long-term and short-term evidence-gathering surveillance assignments.
Yes. Whether it is for the purposes of an insurance investigation, an internal organisational matter, personal injury cases or support in a civil matter, Surmount Investigations can support in professionally interviewing individuals and taking their statement as a matter of official record. Our skill-set in this area can be adapted to suit your needs, whatever the situation. All of our staff are trained and experienced in interviewing to the standards and regulations as laid out in The Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE] (1984).
Surmount Investigations can work with businesses or organisations as part of a Corporate Theft / Espionage investigation or as part of a package agreement involving our Organisational Security Testing service. All employers have the right to hold confidence in that their employees are representing the best interests of the organisation. Internal theft and trade practice being provided to rival companies can have a tremendous negative impact on an organisation’s profit and future viability. We provide thorough, robust and discreet investigation and surveillance packages to assist in combating this.
Surmount Investigations can work with employers at any organisation to carry out ‘CV tests’ and extensive background checks on all new or established employees to see if the details provided on application are legitimate. This can be as detailed and thorough as you require it to be, involving the acquiring of witness statements, qualification verification and other document evidence.
Such doubts are perfectly reasonable – especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of your child. Through the same methodologies used in our ‘CV Testing’ service, we can carry out thorough background checks on an assigned individual and provide you with information and intelligence to reassure you of their safety or confirm your concerns. We also offer equally extensive services to individuals who want to learn more about someone on personal but legitimate grounds in other forms also.
We have a background in working alongside employers, employees, local authorities, Human Resource departments and union representatives to support with evidence-gathering in disputes between employers and employees. This could be anything from an investigation into whether staff sickness is legitimate or being brought in as impartial mediator to gather and consider evidence as an independent figure in proceedings.
If you’ve been in a road traffic collision as an individual or you’re an insurance agency representing someone who has been, we have experience in visiting the scene to acquire any evidence, construct suggested cause/effect diagrams and compile detailed reports of our findings and conclusions.
Through a variety of surveillance and interview techniques and strategies, Surmount Investigations can support private individuals and organisations in tracing and identifying physical assets that may be being hidden or misrepresented for the purposes of such things as divorce cases or civil litigation.
We offer a reliable crime and loss prevention service to a wide-ranging amount of organisations in order to combat stock loss and equipment theft. We are able to offer site visitation, a thorough assessment of your current lay-out and processes, and then provide you with a detailed guidance report as to how to best effect change in order to decrease loss, theft and damage within your business.
Through our Security Testing for Businesses programme, Surmount Investigations can supply operatives to work alongside you to test your organisational security protocols that are in place currently and assess their weaknesses. This can involve sanctioned ‘breaches’, testing of security compliance protocols among current employees and staff integrity tests if required. We would then provide a detailed guidance report and highly individualised training to you and your staff around the areas to improve where necessary.
Harassment, in all its forms, is a fast growing crime and can have a devastating effect on an individual’s confidence and day-to-day life. Time and time again, victims find it hard to be taken seriously because of a lack of ‘direct evidence’. Who hasn’t found themselves being told by the police there “needs” to be “more evidence” to show what you’re enduring isn’t an isolated incident? What happens when someone has been warned about their conduct but carries on regardless and you don’t think the police are taking your distress seriously? Through our Harassment and Distress Support Service Surmount Investigations offer bespoke support to individuals in helping them secure the evidence they need to bring such harassment to an end and hopefully secure a criminal conviction. We can arrange for covert surveillance operations to be ran outside of your home, a physical support presence for when you are out in public and assistance in gathering documentary proof of what you are enduring.
Yes. Surmount Investigations provides a Protected Asset Delivery Service. It doesn’t matter whether it is a document, an object of great expense or even an actual person, if you have something of high value and are concerned of the risk of its loss, theft, damage or vulnerability (no matter the level of risk) when moving between points of location, we can work closely and confidentially with you in order to plan and deliver your material / paperwork / person safely and securely without interception.