Getting The Absolute Best From A People Tracing Service.

We’ve said it before and we’ll blow our own trumpet once more – The very simply reason(s) that we’re becoming one of the most acclaimed and well-regarded tracing agents for individuals and organisations within Newcastle and the rest of the North East is because we provide a fast, efficient, ethical, honest and most importantly accurate service.

No matter whether it be a loved one you’ve lost touch with or someone needing traced because of debt, inheritance or business obligations, as long as there is a lawful basis or a strong legitimate interest for the trace to be conducted we can get you the result you need.

Dependent on the circumstances, we will sometimes strongly advocate an agent-led search over a simple electronic one. Both have their advantages and it really does depend on the budget you have available but sometimes the ‘need’ for the trace result is so important, ‘interpretative data’ off of publicly accessible databases isn’t enough – you’ve got to get a proficient and efficient agent out on the grounds to get some photographic proof of their presence or to carry out some localised enquiries with neighbours.

A great example of this can be drawn from one of our most recent trace investigations we conducted for a leading UK law firm. They were trying to have someone traced in order to serve them with legal documents. They’d used ‘cheap’ “enquiry agents” in the past and the result(s) just kept coming back to say the target individual hasn’t lived there since 2016 when he separated with his wife and left the address.

The solicitor had Facebook screenshots to show the couple were still together and he was around the area but they couldn’t place him.

Within twenty-four hours of taking on the job our enquiries had landed us the same information the other folk had come back with – the difference was we got up on our feet and got out to the estate he was last known to be at in 2016.

We knocked on doors, had a walk around the area and soon enough came across a neighbour our man had made an enemy of recently… who was quick to tell us that the man we were looking for had built a hidden extension in his extensive back garden(s) and was hiding out in it with a makeshift entry point round the back of his land. The neighbour told us he’d shopped the man and his family to the local authority numerous times but they didn’t seem interested.

… So we took to the back streets the neighbour indicated and hid out there ourselves. Sure enough, within a few hours we got sight of the man we were looking for parking his vehicle up in the distance (a vehicle he claimed to no longer be the owner or keeper of!) and making his way through a makeshift path and fence onto the property he claimed he no longer resided at.

We fed this back to our solicitor client – who quickly instructed us to carry out surveillance to establish a pattern. Less than a week later, we stopped the man midway through his ‘secret fence’ and served him with the documents he’d been avoiding for two years.

Where possible we always encourage a client to not just rely on the results of an electronic trace at face value and have the accuracy of the information contained within physically tested by a professional before trying to act on the intelligence itself.

That’s why we garner the results we do and that’s why once a client has used us they never go anywhere else.