Loss Prevention Assessments – An Imperative Requirement To All Business Owners

Surmount Investigations provide extensive Loss Prevention Assessments to business owners who have premises, stock and staff. Our aim is to cast an independent eye over the ‘set-up’ of your business and look at areas of weakness that could be taken advantage of by those with criminal intent.

We look at things such as the placement of your stock, how it is secured and its accessibility to members of the public. We assess your staff and how security conscience they are being whilst at work on your premises. We also offer test purchasing and ‘stress tests’ of your day-to-day business.

We then submit to you a report of our findings along with a detailed set of recommendations in order to better protect against stock and profit loss. For an additional fee we also offer training packages to your managers and staff to better educate them around security considerations and preventative measures.

It is a similar service to the tiered Security Vulnerability Assessments we offer but whereas those concentrate on really assessing the ‘human error’ element of a business’ security policies and measures, this focuses primarily on stock and how to best protect it.

We primarily work with retailers around this service but it can be adaptable to most businesses. One of most successful clients was an independent card and ‘occasions’ store. They were losing quite a substantial sum each month from their most expensive display stands despite routinely moving them around the store.

We went out and stress tested the store’s stock lay-out and quickly realised that there were too many CCTV ‘black-spots’ wherever the stand of goods was placed. We assessed the lay-out, found a ‘strong’ spot and advised on breaking the stand down to a lower level of height which meant shoplifters could not take things and conceal them easily in a crouched position without drawing attention from staff who would now have an open, unobstructed view.

We set an 8 week assessment period for the new advised changes and our client reported back to us that there had been a significant reduction in stock loss just from this one method alone, not taking into account the other recommended changes suggested.

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