New Management

As the original director of the company I will be moving on to pastures new to work within the police service effective 20th April 2020 and I want to take a quick second to thank all of you who have used and supported my company over the years – and essentially made it what it is today; the most highly acclaimed investigatory support service in the region.

Surmount Investigations was never meant to be a ‘thing’.

There was no grand design to it originally.

It very simply started out by me using my professional experience to help a friend who had been the victim of corruptive behaviour by their local authority and almost ‘accidentally’ grew from there. In helping them I came to realise that there was an avenue for my skillset I had never explored before. The results from my helping them were positive and word spread of what I had done for this person. Soon more and more people started to ask if I could help them too and from that it became apparent that there were a whole lot of people out there facing a problem and feeling like they didn’t know what to do to solve it or get support with it.

Surmount was born from a desire to help anyone and everyone, personally and professionally, so they never felt there was a problem that was… insurmountable! It was important that the help fell within the ‘value system’ of what I wanted the company to be – lawful, proportionate, ethical and affordable for everyone.

It has been, quite simply, one of the greatest professional experiences of my life to create Surmount Investigations from the ground up and watch it grow into something that was used, well received and highly acclaimed by people around the North East region. It has been an absolute privilege to help law firms, professional organisations and individuals with issues and problems my services could provide solutions too.

I feel very comfortable in moving Surmount over to be a part of Bluemoon Investigations Group Ltd as their professionalism, integrity and industry reputation is a perfect match for what Surmount was and will continue to be in the future.

Although Surmount has been acquired by Bluemoon Investigations Group Ltd it will continue to provide the same service to the same standard that has come to be expected, under the same name. The telephone number for Surmount will change on the main contact screen here but our email address and website remains the same.

Thank you once again for helping in your own way to build Surmount Investigations into something of value people can depend on.

All the best