Our ‘Security Vulnerability Assessments’ Are The Best Service You Didn’t Know Your Business Deserves!

If you’re a business owner with premises and staff, no matter the field, then our Security Consultancy service is for you.

To put it simply, *trust* – that the system and protocols you have in place are being respected and followed by the people you employ or that the measures you have had implemented are a strong enough deterrent – is honestly not enough to justify putting your profits, premises and hard work in establishing your business at risk.

At Surmount Investigations we offer a three-tiered security consultancy programme that is bespoke to fit your needs:

With ‘Tier 1’, we will come out to your business or organisation and carry out a top-to-bottom assessment of your current security protocols and measures. Included with the visit is comprehensive documentary feedback of our findings and suggestions of how to improve any weaknesses.

With ‘Tier 2’, we offer the same assessment and comprehensive feedback but with a ‘stress test’ / ‘false breach’ of your premises to show you the vulnerabilities practically.

Finally, our ‘Tier 3′ package within the security consultancy service we offer is all of the above plus the opportunity for your staff to receive feedback and training around how to improve the security of your business from a qualified tutor with a crime and loss prevention background.

The benefits of taking advantage of ANY tier of Surmount Investigations’ Security Consultancy service are HUGE:

– You increase the security of your premises against potential acts of crime.

– You raise your staff’s awareness of potential security risks and shake off some of that all-too risky ‘complacency’ that tends to come into play the longer they are an employee.

– You strengthen weaknesses in your protocols, building outlay and staff behaviour that you otherwise did not know you had.

– You protect your insurance premiums from inevitable increases off the back of burglary, theft and criminal damage acts committed against your business.

Don’t hesitate. Take advantage of our FREE consultation process and our current 25% discount for businesses that have multiple sites needing assessment. Contact us today at enquiries@surmount-investigations.com.