Security Vulnerability Assessments for North-East Businesses

The Security Vulnerability Assessments we offer to businesses and organisations around Newcastle upon Tyne, North Shields, Blyth, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Cramlington, Hexham, Prudhoe, Ryton, Blaydon on Tyne, Gateshead, Jarrow, Hebburn, Boldon, South Shields, Washington, Sunderland, Durham and the rest of the North East are designed with one very simple goal in mind:

To provide the business owner(s) with definitive proof and reassurance that the people they employ are not putting the company at risk in some capacity and that the measures they have implemented are a strong enough deterrent.

Our Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs) are not simply a review of a company’s security measures (alarms, CCTV, etc.) with an intent to sell you a superior package or promote someone we’re affiliated with. For one, our objective is to recommend adjustments to your EXISTING measures where possible so that you DON’T have to upgrade or re-purchase alternatives. And furthermore, Surmount have ZERO affiliates in the security field so we’re not working to a commission or for the benefit of a pre-existing outside relationship.

We are quite simply looking at where the flaws are in your staffing and your security and bringing them to your attention so they can be dealt with before they’re taken advantage of by an unscrupulous or nefarious type.

We offer a three-tiered SVA consultancy programme that is completely bespoke to fit a business’ needs. You, the client, can take on whatever package you think most benefits the size and scale of your organisation.

‘Tier 1’ on the SVA scale involves us visiting your business or organisation and carrying out a top-to-bottom assessment of your current security protocols and measures. We observe your staff and how they act in line with your existing policies and procedures and make an independent assessment on their behaviour against your company’s code of expected conduct. We then provide comprehensive documentary feedback of our findings along with suggestions of how to improve any weaknesses.

‘Tier 2’ offers the same assessment and comprehensive feedback as the first tier in the package but it also includes physical assessing, whether that be ‘integrity testing’ of your employees or a ‘stress test’ / ‘false breach’ of your premises to show you the vulnerabilities practically.

And finally with ‘Tier 3’ on the SVA scale we offer all of the above plus a training seminar delivered to your staff directly, supplying feedback and constructive guidance on how to improve the security of your business from a qualified tutor.

So far, in the last 18 months, we’ve greatly assisted a variety of different companies around the North East by highlighting data retention issues that would’ve resulted in ICO fines, identifying staff complacency and conduct that is adversely affecting the security and reputation of the business and protecting premises by strengthening pre-existing security protocols.

If you or someone you know has a business that you think would benefit from a SVA being completed, contact us today at