Taking The Long Way Home: A Closer Look At ‘Asset Protection’.

As part of our ‘Asset Protection Service’ we have hand-delivered high value jewellery from Newcastle to Essex, we’ve personally delivered heirlooms from the estates of the recently deceased to the homes of their next of kin, couriered important and time-sensitive confidential paperwork and, on one occasion, even a human being.

Our client had gone through an extremely bitter divorce with her ex-husband. She had been awarded sole custody of their children much to his annoyance and she was constantly living in fear that he was going to return to the North East and try and snatch her children.

The paranoia of wondering if her ex was ever going to follow through on his attempts to take the children had driven our client to put extreme security measures in place when it came to the movement of her children outside of school, etc. She had severe mobility issues and was reliant on a close circle of friends to help her in protecting the children. However, on one occasion her usual ‘circle’ was unavailable to her and she was left feeling vulnerable. An ex-client of ours on a separate matter recommended our ‘Asset Protection Service’ to her as an alternative.

The brief was actually quite simple and was put in place more to provide reassurance to our client: Her 16 year old daughter was returning from a group holiday abroad and our client was concerned from messages she’d received from her ex that he was going to try and ‘grab’ their daughter when she arrived back at Newcastle Airport. She notified the police who apparently did not take her concerns seriously. She did not want to rely on the parents of other returning children as she did not know them very well. So she asked for our assistance in ensuring that her daughter was safely returned home to her.

We had quite a small window of time to carry out the relevant risk assessments, reconnaissance and operational planning so what we decided to do was ‘swerve right’ when anyone would be expecting a ‘straight ahead’ trajectory:

With our client’s help we engaged with her daughter and arranged for her to not continue on with her connecting flight from London to Newcastle with the rest of her friends on her return home and instead to meet with one of our team at Heathrow. There we drove our client’s daughter from Heathrow to North Tyneside and straight to the door of her waiting mum.

Was the girl’s estranged father waiting at Newcastle Airport ready to ‘grab’ her like he threatened? Who knows? We never let the ‘asset’ get anywhere near the area of risk in order to find out.

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