The Clue To Most Effective Methods of Self-Defence Lie In Its Title!

Nowadays, we’re finding more and more people are offering ‘female only’ self-defence classes that are simply ‘boxercise’ classes in disguise. Such classes will certainly get you fit and help you lose weight, but learning how to speed punch whilst Rihanna is played loudly in the background will not serve alone as the best form of protection against an attack upon your person.

Nor should any self-defence class be gender specific. Certainly not in this day and age.

A good self-defence class should teach you about awareness of your space, remaining calm and as collected as you can be in a particularly adrenaline-inducing situation and about disconnecting yourself from someone’s unwanted grip in clear and controlled ways. It should never be about most effective ways of attack. The clue is in the title. It’s about the most effective ways of defence.

Breakaway techniques… Pressure point appliance… A method we like to call ‘Receive. Reject. Return’… Most importantly, it’s about staying on your feet, gaining a physical distance and implementing an exit strategy under duress.

As part of our security consultancy division, Surmount Investigations can deliver self-defence training to small groups or as contracted delivery to a business or organisation across its staffing levels.

Sessions are a maximum of three hours and run with a minimum of 4 people. The content is delivered by qualified tutors and is centred specifically around defence and protection rather than attack and provocation, with practical exercises delivered at a low-impact level.

If you or your business / organisation feel that this is something you would benefit from, contact us today to discuss our package options.