Top Five Reasons Solicitors Use Surmount Investigations

We are proud to have grown into what is one of the most highly regarded litigation support services throughout the North East and we continue to be the preferred choice of some of the region’s most prestigious law firms for supporting their solicitors with cases.

In a competitive market place, we ensure that we deliver a service that is a cut-above what solicitors and other professionals in the legal sector usually expect from their investigative support. That’s because we’ve taken the time to work with our clients in this field to discuss what they like, what they need and what hasn’t worked for them in the past.

With this edition of our blog – having polled information from our solicitor clients – we’re able to put together the top five reasons why we’re regarded to the level we are and why we continue to acquire the return custom we do.

5. Accuracy

The reason why we are acclaimed for having success where others have often failed is because we double-source all of our intelligence so that we are able to report back to our clients with certainty. And where certainty has not been able to be secured we’re in a position to definitively state why. We have one of the highest success rates in the sector for our tracing service because of this.


4. Efficiency and Reliability

Our repeat clients know by now that all of the lawful instructions we receive are routinely acknowledged within three hours or less, they’re actioned immediately thereafter and when it comes to our process serving or tracing services we always aim to have results back within 24 – 72 hours.


3. Flexibility

We offer a wide variety of litigation support services but we work to ensure that they can be made bespoke to our client’s needs where required – A lot of our instructing solicitors initially engage us for a standard electronic trace and upscale that to an agent-led trace if the intelligence (or lack thereof )requires/justifies it. Upon successfully locating a subject they will then ask for a through-line for us to be able to then complete surveillance on or formally serve the same individual and bank on us being flexible in working with an adjusting instruction if necessary.


2. Costs

One of the reoccurring pieces of positive feedback we hear a lot from our legal clients is about the clarity we deliver in our quoting and invoicing; by having very clear pricing and price structuring, our clients are able to accurately project costing to their own clients without worrying about any ‘additions’, “surprising developments” or ‘hidden costs’. We do not allow any job to increase more than £10.00 from the quoted sum without consulting with our client(s) and receiving written consent to move ahead.


  1. Professionalism

The reviews and testimonials we receive are reflective of the fact that solicitors and law firms are extremely impressed with the manner in which our team conduct themselves and the quality of evidence that is delivered. We have extremely high standards of due diligence and only work within the barometers of the law. Clients have the utmost faith that what we acquire and deliver is something that has been achieved lawfully and that they in turn can confidently utilise it in legal proceedings. When you hire us you receive a detailed report at the close of our work that contains a cover sheet, context, reflection of sources used, findings and a conclusion; all for what many solicitors say is a lower cost than what other companies charge for a “bullet-pointed, two paragraph email update”.

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