Why Choose Surmount Investigations?

There’s a lot of private investigators out there. There’s a LOT just in the region of Newcastle Upon Tyne alone. So why pick Surmount Investigations? Why choose us to help with a problem you are faced professionally or personally over the wealth of other options available to you?


With this edition of our company blog we’re going to lay out the reasons why we’re the best option for you in clearer detail:


  1. Professional Regulation and Accountability

The entire industry of private and professional investigation and surveillance is still rather shamefully not lawfully regulated by the Home Office. This allows an avenue for unscrupulous types to set themselves up as a “PI” in name only and fleece people indiscriminately and unlawfully. We are not like that. As members of The Association of British Investigators we are as close to regulated as you can be; bound by a specific and detailed professional code of conduct and lawful behaviour. On top of this we are fully insured by way of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We have registered offices and a front-facing director. Basically, if you hire us and you’re not happy we are not going to be disappearing into the wind like some ‘companies’. You have an association that will hold us to account and a legal pathway to challenge us.


  1. Cost Effectiveness

A large swathe of the biggest acclaim we get is for the pricing structure we have in place. We recognise that the industry has become all too well known for its costliness and its ‘wide boy’ attitude to open ended jobs and inflated invoicing – and we’re working to challenge that! We don’t believe every job needs a set amount of operatives on the ground just to be able to justify the wage they’re being paid. Nor do we believe expenses should be uncapped and ill-defined. We have a set hourly wage and mileage charge for all of our operatives and it is HIGHLY competitive and GREAT value compared to the general/standard rate within the industry. We look to making our costs fit within the budget you have after consulting with you in the first instance. That’s why word-of-mouth is strong on how we operate –  because we’re not telling you that the solution to your problem has to fit a fixed fee!


  1. Adaptability

We work as both single agents and as a team of operatives to suit your needs. We are contactable 24/7 (we respond to all communication and correspondence within the same working day wherever possible!) and our repeat custom has come from not just the aftercare we provide to you but also the manner in which we can adapt both ‘on the ground’ and to fit any investigatory or surveillance operation to your requirements. We are able to switch from overt to covert direction at your discretion. Our adaptability stretches as far as that aforementioned affordability – we can work our costs to fit around any realistic, sensible budget in order to get your problem solved. We do not tell you that this is the set cost, number of people and availability that your problem has to fall within.


  1. Lawfulness and Professionalism

We work fastidiously within the parameters of the law; considering ourselves an evidence-gathering extension of the work the police do. Therefore our work needs to match the same lawfully acquired standard. We tell each and every client in each and every consultation under the ‘Measuring Expectations’ banner of our meeting that there is no point gathering anything unlawfully because there is no lawful means for you to use it. And if there’s no lawful means for its use, we’re not interested in doing it. We work within the parameters of GDPR as laid out by the ICO and we work within the guidelines of The ABI, our associated body. We make sure also that all of our operatives are trained and qualified to a minimum standard in Level 3 Professional Investigation and Level 4 Surveillance. On top of this, we make sure that the guidance and support we give you keeps you safe and secure from acquiring evidence illegally and leaving yourself open to criticism or police action.


  1. Genuine Locality

We’ve said this before a few times within our blog(s) but the private investigation service is rife with London / Essex based operations that have a ‘local’ website to a specific city but no actual operatives or presence there. Then when the work comes in they hire someone ad hoc to go and complete the work; that person is often unqualified, uninsured and inexperienced. When the work gets too hard for them they’re able to disappear in a heart beat with your money / deposit and there’s little that can be done. Especially when the ‘front company’ is so transitory themselves (NB: Our actual biggest rival as web presence on search engines go is actually a “local” company that is actually 300 miles away and has had to change their overall brand name three times in the last two years because of complaints!). We are based in the centre of Newcastle. When you call or email us, it’s a Geordie that’s answering the phone or someone who lives and works here in the region. When we go out to work for you we go out with the knowledge and experience of having worked and walked these streets for decades.


With all of that in mind, if you have a problem of any kind that needs investigatory or surveillance support, give us a call and see why we garner the reviews and attention we do.


We’ll book a FREE consultation with you, discuss all of your needs and budget(s), plan and deliver an investigatory proposal to you within 24 hours of us meeting and get to work for you to the highest possible standard you should expect.